By Sea of Gold
Seeing as there is so much discounted kit on the club shop website, do we think there's going to be a new kit again for next season? Personally would like to see something more like our old cotton traders kits, especially with cotton versions for fans as someone with not the most athletic of physiques!

Sub note: Didn't the club owners buy (a stake?) in cotton traders last year, or did I maybe imagine that?
By ShawShark
One of the prizes in the club survey is "25 x 10% shop discount codes for the new Sale Sharks shirt" so looks like it's on it's way
By ale shark
The Angel Shark wrote:The new kit is now being unveiled at the fully booked Season Ticket Holders Summer BBQ on Saturday.
Fully booked? When did the invites go out?
By AonM
Yard looks like he has leaked the new kit a day early in instagram, he has now deleted. I got a screenshot (but can upload for some reason).

I am very impressed !
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By Major Bloodnok
Marland missed the text asking them not to release the image. The club asked me to remove it, which I have done, as I feel that that is a reasonable request from them.

Please do not repost the image before the official unveiling.
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By 45jumper
They're all nice, but the home is my favourite.
Hoping they'll finally bring out a cotton edition, expecting they won't :doh:
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