By A38
15 Chris Pennell
14 Scott van Breda
13 Ollie Lawrence
12 Francois Venter
11 Nick David
10 Duncan Weir
9 Francois Hougaard
1 Ethan Waller
2 Matt Moulds (C)
3 Nick Schonert
4 Anton Brelser
5 Graham Kitchener
6 Ted Hill
7 Marco Mama
8 Cornell du Preez

16 Joe Taufete’e
17 Ryan Bower
18 Richard Palframan
19 Andrew Kitchener
20 Sam Lewis
21 Michael Heaney
22 Jono Lance
23 Ryan Mills

Not considered because of injury or illness: Niall Annett, Ashley Beck, Callum Black Justin Clegg, Conor Carey, Michael Fatialofa, Ed Fidow, Dean Hammond, Alex Hearle, Noah Heward, Tom Howe, Perry Humphreys, Joe Morris, Farai Mudariki, Melani Nanai, Jamie Shillcock..

Look at the injury list!! ... inst-bath/
By Warrior7
Interesting team, gone for extra bulk in the BR with Mama and 3 fullbacks for the weather conditions?
Happy to see SVB in there and a Venter/Lawrence centre partnership. Still not sure about big Joe's throwing off the bench, could have seen Miller at 16.
By Underdog
Apart from a back row, you can make a pretty decent XV from the injury list.

This'll be an important game for our pack as they'll be the focus of how we play, more so than usual. If they get outmuscled by Bath, then not only will we lose, but it may highlight that we need to make a few signings for next year.

This is a great opportunity for Pens to get his place back. If he can marshal a fairly inexperienced back three against their kicking game, he can probably consider himself back in the side.
By W4rriorz1980

The second coming of Christ was more likely than Sam Lewis on the bench!
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By Abmatt
TeflonTed wrote:
Fri Feb 14, 2020 7:45 pm
W4rriorz1980 wrote:
Fri Feb 14, 2020 6:02 pm

The second coming of Christ was more likely than Sam Lewis on the bench!
Sam on at 55mins....fresh and steaming.......
Could be a master stroke.
W4rriorz1980 liked this
By Underdog
Did anyone see who put in the chase and then hit on Mercer near the start of the game?

Because I've found a personal hero. I think it was David or Van Breda but couldn't see.
By W4rriorz1980
I'm sure that went over! Gonna watch the replay.

Another game we should've won.Bath didn't deserve that.Ref & luck went their way but we were architects of our own downfall.

Dennis had a lot to do with our defeat.

A marked improvement from the Pests game though.

2 very winnable games @ Briz & Tiggers to come!
By A38
I think high praise should go to all the players who turned out today.

And much criticism for the manufacturer of my waterproof trousers which proved not to be waterproof!
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By Underdog
Good game and while I'm disappointed to lose it, I really think our attack looked loads better than it has pretty much all season. So while disappointed, I'm not as gloomy as I have been at times. Maybe that's being a Worcester fan: not coping with ugly wins, but feeling happy with gallant losses.

Dunc would have made those kicks on most other days. I have to question Moulds a bit, as I think he should have told Duncan he wasn't taking them unless they were bang in front. Never mind.

Two superb tries too.
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By W4rriorz1980
Generally i think we played the conditions well.Nick David had a good game.
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By TeflonTed
W4rriorz1980 wrote:
Sat Feb 15, 2020 6:08 pm
Generally i think we played the conditions well.Nick David had a good game.
As did Ollie, and CP, despite that last kick...which so very nearly made it.

And as an aside, how can so many people, a lot of them wearing Wuss colours, give up and leave early ?
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By A38
The David try was something to savour - a backs move in that weather!

Not really disappointed by the result. It could have gone either way - although Bath played the conditions well. They also gathered the high ball off their own kicks whilst Worcester seem never to have learned not to let the ball bounce in those situations!

One thought: referees in general seem to be very generous with off sides these days. This means that defences are up on their opponents just that bit quicker to the detriment of running rugby. This is not a one-eyed comment because I am sure that Worcester are just as guilty as everybody else - it's just that I seem to notice the away team doing it!
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By Wah-RE-or
Backs move? That was Sam Lewis with the break and pass to Nick David....

Totally agree on the bouncing ball though. I’d like to go to a match where I don’t mutter again “don’t let the ball bounce!”.

And.... lineout. Why can’t we get it as good as our scrum?
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By Abmatt
Terrible conditions made any time the ball was in the air tricky. With the swirling wind you never knew where it was going to go.

Agree with others the backs looked better. I thought the subs came on 5-10 mins too late.

2 kicks cost is the game. On both occasions we should have gone for the corner. Still can’t figure out why kitch snr got a yellow. On the whole thought sir had a bad day at the office, but that was distributed evenly to both teams.

On a plus the lights looks loads better from sitting in the east stand.

Bristol will be tough next week. I don’t expect anything from there. Think we have a good chance against tigers.
By Konverted
And to think we’ve been working hard on our discipline all week! Well that worked well eh? 😂
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By Abmatt
Konverted wrote:
Sat Feb 15, 2020 9:21 pm
And to think we’ve been working hard on our discipline all week! Well that worked well eh? 😂
I haven’t seen the penalty count, but on the whole I think we were ok. Just the yellow that baffles me. I forgot my ref mic so I don’t know the logic behind it.

I can also understand taking the kick at the end. If it goes through we win. I still would have gone for the corner given how the kicks had gone previously. Wind was too unpredictable.
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By Underdog
The yellow was for interfering with the ball carrier having not moved ten metres back first. He put his hands behind his back and the ref deemed it to have dislodged the ball which partly led to the knock on.

I thought the ref was fine, particularly in terms of communication with the players. They all knew where they stood with him. He also coped with a lot of chat from both sides without it affecting him at all.
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By Abmatt

Worcester Bath
12 Penalties 12
2 Line lost 0
6 Line won 9
8 Scrum won 7
0 Scrum lost 1

Pretty even on the stats and reflected by the score.
By g2forumsm
Interesting that some on the other site are saying that the quick penalty was not taken correctly and therefore Bath should have been told to retake it.

Regardless another game where we could not cope with the physicality of the opposition, we desperately need a Will Spencer/Big no 8
By Underdog
I think we need depth of physicality as our starting pack did a good job when all eight of them were there. Other than that, yes we got a bit beaten up albeit by a very good pack. When Waller, G-Kitch and CdP go off, our physical power drops off. At the start of the year, Solly was saying the three academy locks would provide depth, but I don't really feel they've grasped the opportunity this season. If they don't get there next season, some difficult conversations will be had.

W1980 - we certainly could have done with him, but I think CdP often leaves the pitch at a similar time. It suggests to me that he is told to empty the tank for 60 mins. If he regularly stayed on, I imagine he wouldn't be as prominent.
By FlipFlop
How did Jackson Willison perform for Bath?

When he left us, he was regarded as a loss for us, but i had kind of forgotten about him until i noticed his name on the Bath team sheet. Did he push any of our incumbents sufficiently to make his departure a continued source of disappointment, or did he fade into the background?

Not hankering after a lost player, just interested.
By Underdog
I thought he played as well as he did for us really. Linked play well, but wasn't a stand out. He didn't have to be though, I suppose. Bath's pack was the reason they won that game.

in terms of hankering, Mike Williams is a player I'd like to see back for us, although as an abrasive lock rather than 6.
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By west brom warrior
Underdog wrote:
Mon Feb 17, 2020 2:11 pm

in terms of hankering, Mike Williams is a player I'd like to see back for us, although as an abrasive lock rather than 6.
That would be fantastic he is a quality player
By Warrior7
Their pack went backwards more so after Williams and Faletau came on IMO. Williams for me is too light for a lock but also slightly too slow for a flanker - their starting locks were much better and Louw was his usual self against us.
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