By A38
Report in The Times this morning that Ealing are threatening to take legal action if they are prevented from completing their fight for promotion.

The broad expectation, the report goes on to say, is that Newcastle will be given promotion to the PRL.

Any action by Ealing would not be taken on behalf of the other clubs in the Championship, the report continues, "most regard it (Newcastle's promotion) as an acceptable solution".

The bulk of the report summarises Dean Richards' comments which point to Newcastle's position in the league and the gap which Ealing would have to bridge to come top.

I can't see this one getting to Court.
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By TeflonTed
I wonder which of the 2 sugar daddies has the deeper pockets, or more desire to scrap it out?

Mike Gooley or Semore Kurdi?
By g2forumsm
Gooley by a big margin from what I can see. Although may have gone down a fair bit in the last couple of weeks.
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By west brom warrior
18 points behind with 8 games left for Ealing to play (Newcastle have 7). Newcastle have not lost a game all season.

There is clutching at straws and downright stupid and delusional .
By Freypal
Agree with Richards' comments. Reflects poorly on Ealing given what's going on.

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