By Fuzzy Dunlop
Something being done on the twitter account over the coming weeks which should be interesting:

Pennell currently leading the full-back vote unsurprisingly.
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By ARFC Warrior
Difficult choice, but afraid it has to be Chris Pennell. All the others were brilliant too, but think CP was the more solid player.
By g2forumsm
Abmatt wrote:
Tue Mar 24, 2020 11:09 am
They’re doing the same on Instagram.

I was torn between CP and Thinus
Thinus for me ... it would have been CP if he had learnt how to pass earlier in his career and not just in the last 2 years! I also think he would have more caps if he had passed more
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By TeflonTed
Latham for me. In a different class to the others, even though we only saw him at the tail end of his career.

Much as I admire CP as a loyal servant, his habit of trying to run it out of defence and getting caught and isolated drove me mental over the years.
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By A38
Surprised that Le Roux is omitted.

Or he may have been mentioned already?!
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By west brom warrior
Latham was by far the most gifted full back we have ever had at the club, he is probably one of the best full backs in Wallaby history so that is very hard to over look that if its judged purely on talent but for me I go Chris Pennell who has been a top player for the side for a number of years and its his very good quality with combined length of service that makes him my pick for the team.
By A38
A favourite memory is seeing this player score a try against Worcester and being rapturously applauded by Worcester supporters.

I seem to remember that this surprised a few casuals who had turned up to see the last game of the season and who, we hoped at the time, would understand a little of what rugby is about - and maybe even attend more often.
Bryce certainly, but I also think Garvey, personally

He had a slow start, but when he hit his straps he was incredible
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By TeflonTed
ROLLO wrote:
Thu Mar 26, 2020 9:54 am
I am not on twitter and have no desire to be so that precludes me from this.
My input here is purely notional.
I did briefly try Twitter, decided not to continue.
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By TeflonTed
Millsy and Lombard. I have to choose Thomas, I’ve still got 2 of his training tops and a beanie.

And they still fit me, which they certainly wouldn’t do him.
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By west brom warrior
Weir for me and Goode was a very good player but he was never at his best at Warriors due to his age, conditioning and dislike of Richard Hill. Weir has been good on consistent basis.
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By TeflonTed
Yes there’s not much doubt about which way that one will go.

It does tell a story about our great list of top class scrummies though doesn’t it?

Bruce Fenley was with us for 4 years....1996/2000.

How many folk voting in this survey would have even heard of him, never mind actually have seen him play?

Still, fills the time doesn’t it!
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By TeflonTed
A38 wrote:
Thu Apr 02, 2020 9:51 am
Surprised that Gomarsall isn't on that list!
Well exactly. Mind you, he was a bit of a nob, so maybe ruled out.

This survey smacks of “I can’t find anything interesting to fill the space so this will have to do”.
By Fuzzy Dunlop
Ultimate team so far:
15 | Chris Pennell – 52% of 559 votes
14 | Bryce Heem – 70% of 552 votes
13 | Sam Tuitupou – 52% of 510 votes
12 | Dale Rasmussen – 46% of 510 votes
11 | Josh Adams – 62% of 687 votes
10 | Duncan Weir – 58% of 1365 votes
9 | Francois Hougaard – 67% of 907 votes


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By TeflonTed
Yes, Mullen the best technician.

Although there aren’t many great long serving club men like Mr Windo. Should be a close second.
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