By A38
Such is the headline in The Times this morning.

The article begins:" Premiership Rugby wants its competition to be the first sport back on television and is determined to finish the season - even if it means playing summer double-headers in empty stadiums and clashing with England's tour of Japan.

It continues :"Darren Childs the Premiership Rugby (PRL) Chief Executive confirmed Saracens will be relegated for salary-cap breaches whether or not the season is cancelled. PRL expects the RFU to grant promotion to Newcastle Falcons...despite objections from Ealing .

Childs is also quoted as saying that PRL were looking at mid week games - or playing four games over a weekend in one stadium. This would "reduce the impact on the TV operations by compressing it into one venue."
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By Abmatt
Also states sarries will go down.

I can’t see the league restarting. Last nights announcement must surely affect players training. They’ll almost need a mini pre-season before it all starts again.

In this case I think money is ruling the head.
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By TeflonTed
Very much depends on how well things go with the government strategy on the emergency.

PRL are hedging their bets, this could be seen as calm and positive if things go well, or crass money grabbing dangerous and foolish if the nation is still in crisis.

My bet is on the latter.
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By west brom warrior
On the training I notice many of the players have posted on instagram about there home gym set up which in most cases is a few weights in the garden or garage so they will keep conditioned I am sure during this lock down. However that is far from match fit, personally I see no chance of rugby (or football) finishing the season.
I agree WBW I can't see any meaningful game time before Sept/Oct at the earlist. I suspect that those reccovering from injury are not being helped by Sixways being closed.
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