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By Latecomer
BishBash wrote:
Fri May 22, 2020 1:14 pm
Random challenge for those with too much time on their hands.

If we were to occupy the stadium with 2m+ spacing, what would be the capacity, bearing in mind some supporters attend as pairs/families.

Answers by 5pm.
Please show your working out.

Lunch calls.
I know I've missed the 5pm deadline but here goes anyway.

My estimate would be about 1500 (at the required 2 metres apart, side to side and front to back).
You would have to add into that the 250 stewards to police it.
It would also cost a fortune in gaffa tape to secure the seats that couldn't be used.

Won't bore you with the calculations, let's just say they were a cross between Einstein's Theory of Relativity and the pythagorus theorem.
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By BishBash

You won’t get a gold pear and a visit to the headmistress.

12k capacity, 2 rows between takes us down to 4K

I reckon you’d need 4 seats gap between each attendee unit, whether they’re singles, pairs (oops, mentioned them again) or groups.
Suddenly we’re down to 800 ish

On the plus side, the bar will be quiet and no queues for the gents.
But the car park will still be chaos.

Well done all.
See you bright and early for the new term for Double Economics (Sport specialism) and Creative Writing (Politics specialism).
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By TeflonTed
Very well thought out BB. But I foresee a snag or two.

Now, let’s turn our attention to matters on the pitch.

Touch Judges (assistant referees to the younger readers), will have to be on the seated sides of the barriers to get 2mtrs away from the touch lines, which, incidentally, rules out rows A&B in the East & North stands for seating. Bar standers will have to imagine a virtual rail to lean on 2mts back from the real one.

Lineouts, if all-in, will extend beyond the middle of the pitch, causing the tail man to be somewhat behind the 15mtr mark.(5mtrs+ 7 men @ 0.5mtr each + 6 x 2 mtr gaps). The tail man of an east side lineout may well be in the tunnel.

Virtual socially distanced scrums will be fun. Props will be OK, but hookers will look like a freeze-frame shot of a swimmer doing the butterfly as he leaves the podium, and will more than likely have even more of a pug nose than usual due to toppling over while Sir calls, “crouch” “pause” “set” “don’t-under-any-circumstances-engage”. At least scrum halves will have a decent tunnel to not aim straight for.

And when the physios run on to apply the magic spray to a wounded warrior they’d better have good aim, and a towel on the end of a 2mtr selfie stick.

Can’t wait.
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By patgadd
TeflonTed wrote:
Sat May 23, 2020 9:56 am
.............. And when the physios run on to apply the magic spray to a wounded warrior they’d better have good aim, and a towel on the end of a 2mtr selfie stick.
Ah, but there will be no need for a magic spray as there will be no tackling or any other form of contact. This means that the entire medical and physio staff can be furloughed, along with the defence coaches. Come to think of it, if there's no defence there's no need for attack coaches either. Perhaps all coaches could be redeployed to enforce social distancing on the pitch?
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By Abmatt
TT. There is approx 2m at least between the touchline and barriers.

In all seriousness I think when things resume, social distancing will be reduced or not apply. As long as measures are taken and the risk is as low as reasonably practical(ALARP) and tolerable.

In general I think this will how life will be in the future. You will never get the risk down to 0, but to a level where it is ALARP and tolerable. That way we can start getting some normality back in life.


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