Yep, could be.

Also a possibility of being injury related, given the issues he's had on that front or just a similar position to Basham where he wants to prioritise his studies rather than try to do it PT. I guess we'll see.
By GC89
Would be a good signing provided Coleman and Botha are still around. Always get nervous when I see rumours of players coming into positions of strength that it must mean someone is heading off.

If as a back-up/someone to rotate with, then it should be a good bit of business. It is a fair bit of cash to have tied up in three top drawer players in the same position, but perhaps the thinking is that it is better to have one expensive back-up and Munga stepping-up, than two average back-ups and Munga staying as a 5th choice option.

If we are looking at Jaguares players Socino, Lezana and Delguy would be three guys worth pursuing.
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By GC89
I guess you get used to these things over the years, but I did worry something like this could happen with him given his arrangement of Japan-Irish-Japan-Irish. He has a young family and perhaps the current pandemic has made him realise he wants to be settled in one place and that he would prefer that place to be Japan, which given their handling of the crisis you can't really blame him for.

Would be a real shame though if we never got to see the Coleman-Botha dream pairing.
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By Margin_Walker
Would certainly leave us a little light for August.

If the Botha thing is true (and I'd never begrudge someone doing what's best for their family), we should really stop signing Saffers named Botha.
By Florida
I don't know, we've signed two and they've both been the stand out players in their position for years, sounds like we ought to be signing more of them, not fewer. We just need to be able to keep hold of the buggers!
He posted something on his Twitter. Was set to sign a new deal, but looks like it fell by the wayside in Covid related cuts.

Says he's looking at opportunities inside and outside of rugby. Probably a sign of the times that someone like him doesn't have a line of clubs offering him a contract.
I'll hold my hand up and say I am one of those who frowns upon it I'm afraid, in around 99% of cases. This is because ex-players have usually moved on to 'bigger and better things,' served their time elsewhere, and are then no longer wanted by those teams. Easier said than done, but my view is it's 100 times better signing players that teams don't want to lose (the way teams have signed players from us), as opposed to players teams no longer want to keep. I know it's cheaper signing the unwanted, but to me those players aren't the ones that are going to push us up the table.

I also feel like we are all guilty, myself included, of over-estimating the abilities of players we are more familiar with. We know the ins and outs of the Irish 15 every week, whereas we are less certain of the opposition, so ex-players are viewed through the green-tinted glasses.

Obviously I'd have Anthony Watson back in a heartbeat, probably JJ too, but Garvey and Gibson less so. Although whoever we sign will get my full backing!
By Florida
Garvey I agree 100% about. Gibson less so, he's still the right side of 30 (just), he's not a super star but he'll put in a very solid performance week in week out which allows others around him to shine (Harrison et al). Let's not forget that Northampton had given him a contract extension only for covid to sadly remove it. You also only have the look at how disappointed the Northampton fans are to know how well regarded he is there and how they didn't want him to go. That's not the same for Bath and Garvey
He was absolutely outstanding for about two seasons, and then just fell off. If I remember correctly he was injured for a while and when he came back he looked like a completely different player.

Last few times he played he was more of a hazard to us than to the opposition, which is a complete reversal from the absolute nuisance he used to be to opposition teams.
One of the comments I've seen from a Saints fan. Guess we'll wait and see
Florida wrote:
Mon Jun 29, 2020 8:15 pm
Garvey I agree 100% about. Gibson less so, he's still the right side of 30 (just), he's not a super star but he'll put in a very solid performance week in week out which allows others around him to shine (Harrison et al). Let's not forget that Northampton had given him a contract extension only for covid to sadly remove it. You also only have the look at how disappointed the Northampton fans are to know how well regarded he is there and how they didn't want him to go. That's not the same for Bath and Garvey
Ah yes, just seen the comments on their rugbynetwork site, obviously held in more high regard than what I'd read
It's all completely hypothetical, but he'd be an upgrade on the likes of MNG and Gilsenan as a squad back row imo.

He's been consistently good for Saints.

Doubt it's on the agenda though. He always seems to have a fair bit going on outside of rugby.
By Florida
GC89 wrote:
Tue Jun 30, 2020 8:47 am
Worrying reports in the Daily Mail...
Yup and also more worrying info from Ruckingood on the other board. If they really are in the know and their information is accurate this could spell quite a dark time for the club and undo all of the recent hard work.

Hopefully we'll start to hear more soon, not sure I can handle the wait.
By GC89
I appreciate it is a really difficult time for all clubs right now. However, given the importance of the Brentford move, I would have assumed we would be doing all we could to keep this group of players happy for the time being. If we have taken such drastic measures when we are in an apparently relatively ok financial position then it really doesn't make sense.
We can't be in an okay financial position and doing this. Surely...

So either we aren't doing it or we are are in difficulty. Ruckingwood's input is certainly worrying and leads me to believe we are going ahead with the permanent cuts with no future review.

All speculation and I guess we'll know when we know.
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By Narbia
Like everyone else, I'm guessing too : but a ? 25% forced cut in wage is better than insolvency in my book.

This reduction mid-stream sort of thing happens all the time in other industries, as I have had the pleasure of. And I'm certain there's a lot more of it going on.

Yip, one or two of the best players may leave. The question is - where are they going to go?
Sale Rugby have successfully dealt with this crisis, Tigers are facing high-noon tomorrow (best of luck to them).

This bit is reality IMHO. :nervous:
Agreed - there may theoretically be more money available in Japan and France but it's not like the pool of players will have increased dramatically. For simplicity's sake, there are 28 wingers in the Top 14 and Naholo came here at the start of the season. Today there are still 28 wingers in the Top 14...

I guess we'll just have to wait and see, but Ruckingood has deleted his post now saying 'Removed the post as it contained info I should not share for now.' That's a very conspiracy theorist thing to do - if you're in the know and sharing juicy gossip why then delete it?
By GC89
Agreed on the pool of players, but even if our lot can't find employment elsewhere, doesn't feel like it is a good move for morale. However, I agree that there must be more to this than meets the eye in terms of our financial situation.

It is just thoroughly disappointing. A few years ago I never thought I would see players like Kepu, Coleman, O'Brien and Naholo in Irish jerseys. I don't think you can underestimate how big a pull these sorts of names are for fans who only really watch internationals. A mate of mine asked what our squad was like these days and when I told him he was shocked and said he would come down to the new Brentford stadium. I have had lots of similar conversations.

However, for all the pull of those sorts of names, it's the youngsters and unheralded but crucial names that I worry more about. Gutted would be an understatement if we were to lose players like Loader, OHC, Tuisue etc.

In terms of RG now deleting his post, there could be lots of reasons for that. He clearly has a source on the inside at the club and that individual may have been given a telling off, or he may have realised that if he keeps spreading gossip that source may stop sharing info with him.
By Margin_Walker
Yeah, realistically there will be limited opportunities for most players in England that do choose to walk. A few of the bigger names could command offers overseas.

The bigger issue i'm would be future morale and engagement issues IF this has been handled poorly. Could perhaps translate to a lack of loyalty when we are trying to retain good players in the future when the market is a little less depressed. One thing that has been clear pre Covid is that it was a very happy ship and that was translating into performances on the pitch.

In terms of the deleted post, I'm guessing he's mates or family of a player/staff member and got cold feet over the level of detail shared on a public forum.
By Florida
Reduction in leadership and players salaries without consultation. Players lied to by Facer. Many will be looking to leave. I think that was about the gist of it, but with a bit more venom. Clearly they're close to someone that is being impacted by this.
I'm not saying he or she is or isn't in the know, but sometimes people say things for reaction then delete them as a method of plausible deniability... I guess we'll see.

GC89 - spot on. I could've cried when someone told me we'd signed James O'Connor!
For sure. You do get a few oddballs online.

Only reason I'm erring on the side of there being something in it (even if not completely as described) is that he/she used to occasionally post private Vimeo links and passwords to the game reels the analysts at the club had put together.

Not something a fan without connections bin the club would have access to.
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Yep, GHA. We'll see.

In other news Francis signed an extension at Saints, so that rumour isn't happening. Not that I'd think we'd be in the market for fringe England internationals at the moment.
Interesting snippet here from the Telegraph. Some clubs definitely under more pressure than others and as such have pissed off their playing staff more. Guessing the clubs not mentioned are somewhere in the middle.

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By Narbia
Well there appears to have been some drama with Tigers. See their board for details....but it looks like the players blinked first and signed the 'new' contract.

tl;dr Genge and Ford have apparently re-signed (not resigned).

And so it goes... :shifty:
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