By Margin_Walker
Five players selected for the annual jaunt down to SA ... ur/bp2235/

Tarek Haffar (St Pauls College), Joe Keohane (St Pauls College), Michael Dykes (St Pauls College), Alex Harmes (St Pauls College) and Will Joseph (Millfield School)

Very strong representation this year. JJ's younger brother Will involved (also a 13). Looks like St Pauls will be pretty strong in the AASE league this year
By GC89
Do we know where the other chaps play apart from Haffar and Joseph?
By Margin_Walker
Sorry, just seen this..

Haffar - Loosehead
Keohane - Tighthead
Joseph - Centre
Dykes - Wing
Harmes - Wing

All 5 have been included in the squad for both games. Harmes started the first in a loss to Argentina. The other four started the second game in a narrow victory against France, with Joseph scoring a long range intercept in the second half.
Any highlights M_W? Long range intercepts are what I live for
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