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By patgadd
Three Queensland Reds rugby players have refused to take pay cuts: ... stand-down

Mildly interesting news, but let's have a closer look at what their manager said:

For mine, if we're talking about disappointment they're three guys of national interest. Two of them we signed long contracts for and the third we were in the process of, he had an offer on the table for an extensive period. It's disappointing because they're front of mind when it comes to the bigger picture. We have a high respect for them as rugby players, we think they are part of the solution of the future going forward.

This, children, is what happens when you mix poor English with management-speak. As for the last bit, he doesn't say whether they were part of the solution of the future going backward.
By A38
Apologies from quoting from The Times yet again but the headline says it all:- "Players' pay to be cut for good."

This issue, of making the 25% cut permanent, is to be discussed, apparently, later this week by the PRL clubs.

So not just in Australia.
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By west brom warrior
I feel for the players and I feel for the clubs we are in a scenario like never before, professional sports clubs like many other businesses will go bust as a result of this virus but players signed a contract and are entitled to it being fulfilled.
Quite - it sucks.

I have taken a cut on my salary as a result of the goings on. But it can't be helped.

I could dig my heals in, but that would be a short term decision in my opinion.

On the other hand.....I have 30 years of career left ahead of me, rugby players do not
By Underdog
TVM wrote:
Mon May 18, 2020 1:29 pm

On the other hand.....I have 30 years of career left in the future going forward.
Fixed it for you. Or need we run this up Patgadd's flagpole?

But otherwise, well said. It does feel as though there'll be a compromise over this eventually, but then, our rugby administrators haven't necessarily proved themselves to be faultless in the past.
Excuse me, yes, that is my future going forward, such as to say, exponential synergies should mesh between my workstream and my lifestyle, creating a whollistic benefit cycle, meaning execution and hit rate are priotitised over brand imigary in the eyes of influential customer user groups.
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By poyntonshark
Couple of points. It was reported here in Aus that it wasn't the cut per se that they objected to, but that they were seeking advice on permanent changes to their terms and conditions and refused to agree until that was sorted out.

The cut imposed by Rugby Australia is 60%

It could be worse, the NRL is currently being held to ransom by referees over plans to change from 2 refs per game to just 1.
By FlipFlop
Isn’t an element of this issue similar to what Mr Genge alluded to with Tigers re checking with his advisors before any change to terms might be enacted. Maybe Aus players will try to establish a new players union too?

60% cut is significant in anyone’s terms if true particularly if you know AN Other in the squad still has 2 years left on a pre COVID deal giving them way more and by the time they renegotiate current circumstances will have been forgotten in commercial discussions if the club still exists.


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