What did we learn that we did not know aleady ?
A portion of the CVC money has been used to clear some historic debt, thus making the current period more sustainable.
By FlipFlop
News of the CVC windfall is some time ago now, but I thought it was for clubs to invest in infrastructure and not to restructure ‘old debt’ which surely was dealt with at time of club purchase by Messrs Goldring & Whittngham or did Jed leave a debt millstone for their £1 purchase :silenced:
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By TeflonTed
I couldn’t get past Jason’s Bat ears. Did someone pose him in front of the space egg for a bet?
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By west brom warrior
We didn't learn much really but it sounds like the development of Sixways is moving on at a pace which is good to hear and the coaching team being much more a unit rather than good individual coaches who didn't blend well together perhaps give us an insight to why we have not pushed on in the last couple of seasons.

On a side note I do appreciate the owners and MD doing the Q&A its nice to hear from them and the more I hear from them I am warming to them as people which is always nice.

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