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By patgadd
When did I ever claim to be a gentleman? I will, however, admit that had I spent a few seconds including the link, as did A38, it could have turned out different!
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By Latecomer
Does anyone know how long Francois Hougaard and Duncan Weir have on their contracts.
Those two signing extensions would be the icing on the cake.
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By Latecomer
Abmatt wrote:
Tue Jun 30, 2020 10:21 pm
Is it a year each?
Think you might be right there Abmatt.
If so, lets hope there are more announcements to come :pray:
By A38
Back to Leicester: The papers are reporting that whilst Ford and Genge have agreed new contracts Tuilagi has not and that therefore he will be looking for a new club, most likely away from the Premiership.

Of only passing interest, I think, to us except that there might be a pause in salary inflation for a while.
Some very high quality players on that list.

The mood at Leicester must be pretty low....
By Underdog
If I was a Tigers fan, I'd feel very disappointed that I couldn't look forward to seeing Tuilagi bursting onto the sort of clean set piece ball that Borthwick has created with England over the last few years.

Interesting times for them.


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