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By Flumpty
from the Clubs Twitter, confirmed as leaving ... g-players/

Flynn (not a surprise, always appeared to be not trusted by SD)
Bristow - short term contract, now surplus to requirements ?
The Angry Russian - already announced.
Mr T - a great servant of the Club and not a surprise to see his departurecannounced
Tarus - already announced.
Odogwu - noooooooo, Doggy can't be leaving (although I can understand why). A player who I loved to see having the ball given to, especially when he's in space. Sadly could also spot a player instead of space and maybe, perhaps, possibly wasnt the most defensively minded.
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By Major Bloodnok
Mr T is staying on to play for Sale FC and act as player liaison with the Sharks, so at least we'll probably still see his smiling face around the ground...
By chris1850
There were rumours of Paolo going to Wasps. Is that the case does anyone know?

Will be sorry to see him go but surplus to requirements now I guess, particularly with Reed being favoured latterly

Thanks to all those leaving and good luck
By Van Cannonball
2 looseheads going hopefully puts to bed any questions about Shrek playing at 1 next year.

Flynn got injured at just the wrong time but not sure he’d have made it in our new world anyway. Bristow I think has done well enough to pick up another contract elsewhere.

Big Andrei and Mr T are absolute legends and I’m really pleased that the latter will remain involved with the club.

A shame for Paulo, but he really needs to be playing at this stage of his career so I’m pleased he’s not just going to continue as a 2nd reserve

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