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By ShawSharkRedemption
I am struggling with the schedule for the various cups and the league overlap.
If the rumours of Wilson coming on a years loan turn out to be true, can someone explain to me how we are going to keep everyone happy? Who will we have available before and after the
world cup / Six Nations ? It is the second row and back row juggling act that is intriguing me.
Who will be starters/finishers ?
I am really looking forward to next season, once everyone has bedded in. I just hope we can get a settled side in time to make a real challenge.
By ale shark
Not sure we need to worry about keeping people happy. Players get injured, banned and international call-ups throughout the season. We always seem to want to have a notional first XV but with the high-quality recruitment drive hopefully that goes out the window and we now have at least 16 starters up-front when fully available. For the last 10 seasons we’ve had about 8, normally less.

Do teams like Sarries and Exeter have settled packs? I doubt it, just 16 players who might be deemed good enough to start any given match. I think Sarries lost their two props in the first half against Leinster and it didn’t seem to bother them.

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