Match Report

Why am in posting this here and now ?

Well I was at that game and apart from the remarkeable result of the last gasp winner I remember 2 things.

In the first half I was stood with some Northampton fans and they were great company. I moved spots in the second half to be with a bunch of Falcons fans I stand near to in the South Stand. At the end of the game the guys I chatted with during the first half came past and said hello and were generous. It contrasted with the idiotic home fans we stood in front of during the second half who would have been better placed at a football match.

The other thing to note about that game was the Saints Number 7. He had a cracking game all throughout and I remember remarking on that to those around me all game.

Skip forward to Sunday 10th August and he has a fantastic debut for England and the next day makes the World Cup Squad.

Lewlis Ludlam, what a player and well done to the young man.
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