By Aidanb
Which grounds won't have facilities to allow The Falcons team to do full updates and reports ?
By markismith50
We'll be able to get a match report up from every game, but the normal service of getting the report up within a minute of the final whistle will depend on which grounds have power, desk and internet.

For those that don't, I'll not be able to start working on the match report until after the press conference, so you'll be waiting a couple of hours to read the report.

Likewise with tweeting. For grounds with no press box I can do a very basic score update service via my phone, but it won't be the usual detailed and regular match commentary.

I'm not complaining, before anyone starts, merely explaining.

BBC Newcastle will be doing live commentary from every home game, and where facilities allow, from every away game. They're currently on with the task of working out which grounds they can't broadcast from.
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