By markismith50
Hi guys,

I hope you can forgive the blatant commercial intrusion, but I did think it would be of interest.

For this season's league games we have reduced the cover price of the match programme from £3.50 to £2.50.

Yes there is a drop in pagination from 72 to 64, but there are also 15 fewer Premiership adverts which we now don't need to put in, so you are actually getting more reading material despite having fewer physical pages.

To keep the price down this season we have gone without the glossy cover, there's a great exclusive with George Wacokecoke as the main feature and the following link has a load more info ... less-money

I just thought it useful to flag this up in advance, and as always please feel free to contact me with any constructive feedback on the programme. I signed it off this morning and I think the designer has done a cracking job. There's something in it for everyone, I hope.

PS: The fan radios should also be working on match days after a successful trial at the last home game. We're using the BBC Newcastle radio commentary (kind thanks to Smithy Senior for that), and also hoping to broadcast the refs' audio on the other channel. The radio sets we're selling still have Premiership Rugby branding. It's not arrogance on our part, it's just a fact of life that we're selling the stock we have rather than wasting money on rebranding it or buying new sets.

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By markismith50
Thank you for the comment, it really means a lot. I personally think it’s a decent product but the stark reality is we need more people to start buying them if we are able to keep justifying the time and money it takes to produce them.

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