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By Narbia
OK, I'm jumping the gun here a little bit, but with OH let off the naughty step, we're raring to go!

IIRC from the last v Bath home game in the top division, we lost to Bath by 4 points in that one?

Anyway, Irish scored 7 LBPs in that season ; the highest in the league of the 17-18 term. I do hope we've now got the grunt, belief and 'dog' to turn those 7 close losses into wins.
By GC89
Absolutely massive game for us. If we win this then I think we lay down a real marker that we are a serious side and capable of climbing up the table. Lose and the old doubts will start to creep back in, particularly with a tough run of games to follow. I really hope Botha is still around for this one. He has been the heartbeat of the side and we need to get as much out of him before he goes.
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By Stevie J
I think he will - it was mentioned January he is off. So reckon we will have injury permitting VDM, Botha, Coleman to pick from in the row.

Its a huge match for all the reasons above, I heartily agree. We all privately want 11th and above and turning those close losses into home wins will deliver that.

Sale match aside the team have pretty much delivered and been hard to beat whilst scoring the 3rd most tries in the league. I'm increasingly confident we will be opening Brentford as a Prem team.
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