By A38

Sad news.

It was one of those "I remember where I was when..." moments. I can clearly remember walking back to the office, joining a number of people standing in front of a shop window watching those Ashes wickets being taken.

Good memories.
By FlipFlop
I break sweat just watching Bob storm in from near the boundary to take 8-43 and that Ashes will still be being replayed in years to come. What a day Bob and Beefy created for cricket lovers- well, except for the Aussies of course!

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By GoldFinch
One of my most iconic cricket memories was that Headingley test, was at a friends house for a cuppa with other ladies and my host and I cleared the room (the others got bored) as we were absolutely enthralled with what was unfolding..

Never forget that day. RIP Bob
By SimonG
It's always grated a little with me that Headingley 81 is always referred to as Botham's match. Yes his innings prolonged the game but it was Bob's bowling that won it.
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