By Elgar
Does this mean that we should be doing as Glaws have done with Rees-Zammit and offering WGJ a long contract now... to postpone the date that he has to chose between future Wales caps and remaining at Sale?

I'm not sure how the Wales 'foreign' player selection rules work on that? Is he free to be selected as long as he stays at Sale, no matter how many extensions we give? Or would he become ineligible if he signs a contract extension with us as though he'd signed for us, capped, from a Welsh region.
By Olyy
I believe the contract just has to be extended before it expires - so offer him three years but then at the end of the 2nd offer an extension. That way they're never in a position to refuse an offer from a Welsh region (which is what would cause them to ineligible).
That's the loophole Exeter have been using with Tom Francis.
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By chris1850
Really chuffed for WGJ. As is the case with many tight heads, so much of what he does goes unnoticed but he has been a terrific signing for us. Does all the hard work in the loose and is rarely bested in the scrum. He is my first choice tight head at the club at the moment
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